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Jan 9, 2017


Birthday weekend!

What a fun weekend it was!!! We got some snow, my sister turned 30 on Friday and Saturday we celebrated 4 birthday’s on Trev’s side of the family!!! Talk about a lot of birthdays 🙂 

Friday, we headed to Columbus in the evening, to set up a little party to surprise my sister for her 30th! It was so fun, she had NO idea it was coming. Our last minute party planning worked like a charm. They were arriving back from vacation Friday evening, and her sweet friend from Indiana surprised her when they got home. They all went to dinner and when they came back home we had a little party with the cutest cake all set up for her. Thanks to all of her friends who came out last minute. It was a blast! Huge shout out to Emily Pyles for the amazing kate spade inspired cake. It was delicious!! 🙂 

We headed back home late that night and worked Saturday at the house. We laid out the floor for the bathroom and closet. They are framing this week and its so exciting to see it come together. It might be something little but its in the right direction!! 🙂 We then headed out to dinner on Saturday night with Trev’s family to the wonderful Outback to celebrate 4 birthday’s on Trev’s side! It was a great night. 

Sunday was church and relaxing 🙂 My kind of day! I did make lasagna for the first time in my life and it was amazing. haha! I am sharing a house update this week so be on the look out! Sorry things have been kind of quiet we are working away on the house and enjoying the slower season together.

Happy Monday friends!!!



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