January House Update


Jan 13, 2017


We have been hitting the ground running the last couple weeks over at the house! Our contractor started this Month and we have finally stared putting it back together. yay!! Lots of demo and lots of work but I cannot wait to see it being done. So in the photos below they have been fixing the floor joist. With the house being over a 100 years old, it definitely has some lean and curve in it haha It creaked and had high and low spots everywhere. We new that when we bought it so we knew this would be a project for sure. Now we can walk upstairs and its level and flat! amazing. We only have 2-3 walls left of PLASTER. Every wall was plaster in this house and we are almost done!!! I dreaded that project, but Trev told me from day 1 it will all be worth it and I am so thankful we have taken it out. I am ready to never look at plaster again haha this week they have been framing up the new rooms and bathrooms. This makes me SO excited. My PSD files are coming to life. The next update will be the inside all framed up! YAY! Last weekend Trevor and I laid the floor for the master bathroom and closet and they framed it this week. My vision of walking through the master to the little master sweet is coming to life. If you follow me on instagram I  have been sharing it on my story. You will see more house updates there 😉 

Well Huge thanks to Joey and his dad for working away on our house! Also Trevor, You have done SO much. Literally its amazing. I don’t thank you enough. I love you babe! I cant wait to live here soon!! 


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