February House Update


Feb 17, 2017

1900 Bowman Home

Lots of things have been going on at the house! Officially all of our floors are level again, YAY. We also have new headers & the new rooms are framed up. I am so excited each time I walk through the house because something new is going on. Over the last few weeks, we have gotten ALL new windows!!!! I am so excited about this, the downstairs still has the old in the photos below but the upstairs is all done yay! We also started rewiring the beginning of February and that is almost ALL done!!! Next up is plumbing and we will insulate the house in the next couple weeks. I am so excited to finally see drywall back up!! It will really start feeling like things are coming along 🙂  Our goal is to still be in sometime this summer, so hoping that happens. Big thanks to Joey and his dad, (our contractors) who have been working daily helping us get to this place together. Oh and we officially have HVAC throughout the house, YAY for this. 

Lots of things coming together. Enjoy the photos below 🙂 Another update coming soon!!! 🙂


Photo below: upstairs hall into the bedroom and guest bathroom. 

photo on the right: hallway into master closet and bathroom of the master bedroom 🙂 

future master bathroom

right photo: Master closet 

guest bathroom through that doorway

2nd bedroom + NEW WINDOWS! 

another bedroom

downstairs office / den

future kitchen 🙂 

we have can lights EVERYWHERE. 

dining room

living room with my favorite built in window seat <3 

took out the french doors for a giant window 🙂 

that one time it snowed in February but was 60’s the week before and after. such a weird winter. 

thanks for following <3 

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