Weekend Wrap Up


Apr 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Babe!! 

Well… I literally just spent the last 30 minutes, looking through Trevor’s and my Facebook “friendship” tab and was literally loving reliving it all. I found the post that started this whole thing, Me wishing him a happy birthday 4 years ago on Facebook and it creating a thread.. leading to us reconnecting and very soon after dating then 10 months later married and now 4 years later we are expecting our first little babe this fall. CRAZY!! I love this adventure we are on and I do really love Facebook for saving all those fun memories. So yes, Happy Birthday Trev!! Here’s to your 30’s and all the exciting things this year holds, like finishing up our home, you farming full time, oh and of course the little babe that is growing inside me. I cannot wait to see you as a dad 🙂 You will be the best. 

This weekend was amazing, to say the least. THE WEATER. yes, need I say more?! 70’s sunny and its is even TODAY on this monday!!! I loved it. I bought some tulips today because its official spring is here. I cant wait to plant all things green, take bike rides (or just walks, as this belly keeps growing) cookouts and eat all the watermelon. Our little dairy bar opened last week, so of course I treated myself to a milkshake and hot dog. I love this time of year. Saturday, I spent the morning at the coffee shop and sold Eleventh candle’s. I am LOVING their spring scents!!! You should check them out here and get your order in time for mothers day!!! Go here. I have Sea salt and Rosemary burning right now in my kitchen and its amazing and so so fresh and clean. Saturday afternoon I had a shoot with the Direction, t-shirt company in columbus. We had atleast 10 people come up to little upper sandusky for the shoot. It was lots of fun and the weather was perfect. Sunday, we watched the Master of course, way to go Sergio Garcia, I wont in my family bracket ((yes we have a bracket every year for all the majors 😉 we are a golf loving family)) (I technically tied with first with my brother in law, Michael) so Go us. Then we celebrated Trev’s birthday with his family over Trev’s favorite meal, Cincinnati chili, homemade 🙂  

It was a good weekend to say the least. We did have a BLAST on our trip to the Netherlands, I will be sharing a recap on the blog this week!! Happy Monday friends!!!


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