Weekend Wrap Up


May 22, 2017

We had an unexpected weekend home and we soaked up all the little moments. It was so nice!

We slept in on Saturday and then headed to the house for the day to put in some work. Well we, I should say, Trevor 🙂 I assisted when needed, but basically I kept him company and over saw what was happening and dreamed of our baby girls room!!! I havent posted a house update in forever, I will try and get on that this weekend 😉 but right now we are in the drywall phase and Trevor got the baby’s future room and closet all drywalled this weekend!!!!! I love walking in there and seeing it as a room and dream of this little space. I cannot wait to put it all together someday soon! We did sneak away from the house for a little lunch date at one of our favorite pizza shops in town, Don Tomasso’s. It was yummy and of course I got some heart burn after but it was all worth it!

Sunday we decided to take the day to relax! We went to church and lunch and then spent the day watching golf and working on little things at home here and there. I went strawberry picking with my sister in laws last week so I had to use up the strawberries and made a yummy cobbler with the fresh strawberries and blueberries. It was delightful, exactly what this pregnant momma needed. I even made time to cook us dinner, that is rare these days with being pregnant and not always feeling great or Trevor in the fields til super late. But it was nice to have the evening home to eat a yummy dinner together and watch a movie. 

Thankful for this weekend to spend together. I told Trevor, in just a few months it wont be the two of us but a little baby sitting here too!! We can hardly wait to meet her. 

Well, heres to Monday! Trying to get a lot of editing done before a week of shoots and a double header wedding weekend. Oh an maybe I will get to that pile of clean clothes Remi is laying on that need folded badly!! ooooops!

Happy Monday friends!


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