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Jun 22, 2017

Cocktails  | Ocean Spray®

It has been SO fun being pregnant with my older sister, Shannon!! As many of you know, I am pregnant with my 1st and my sister is pregnant with her 5th baby!!! (((and we both secretly wish our younger sister was pregnant with us too ;)))  I am pretty sure a day doesn’t go by without me calling my sister to talk to ask her something about pregnancy. Everything is sooo new to me, so I am always checking in with her since she has done this a few times. It has been such a fun time to experience together. I cant wait for our lil babes to grow up together.  This past weekend my family had a cook out and I brought over Mocktails that Ocean Spray® sent me for us to enjoy! Who doesn’t love a fun drink in the summer?! We quickly through together a fun plate of fruit, my ultimate pregnancy craving and chatted about babies over some yummy non alcoholic drinks. My baby sis joined us as we tried to convince her, she needed to be pregnant with us as well. We all enjoyed a drink together and it was a blast. Thanks to my hubby for snapping some photos of us 3 together 😉 They were so yummy, my favorite one was the tropical paradise one. It felt like I should be sitting at the beach with my toes in the sand. If you are expecting and want a little something fun to drink you should definitely try these out!! My brother in laws were loving them and enjoying them with us as well. Even when your pregnant you can have a fun summer drink and it only has 90 calories and made with real fruit. This summer when we are on vacation all together, us pregnant ladies will get to enjoy a yummy mocktail together!

Here’s what you need to know about it! Besides that they taste delicious 🙂 And even for those, like myself, who don’t care to drink alcohol, these mocktails by Ocean Spray® are something fun to enjoy with you girlfriends over the summer just add some sparkling water to fizz them right up!  It can make any dinner party just a little more fun being pregnant or not!! 

–Made with real fruit juice
-90 calories per delicious serving
-No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
-Expertly crafted by Ocean Spray®
-3 great flavors
-Premium 1L bottle
-Vibrant, alive, full of life, special (but appropriate for everyday!)
-Family-oriented & authentic, approachable expert & resource, lighthearted & fun

Big thanks to Ocean Spray® for a great product! I loved partnering together and trying out these yummy mocktails! Cant wait to bring one to our next cook out. Enjoy some more fun photos from our time together! 





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