Willow | 2 month


Nov 29, 2017

2 Months Old

How is my bay girl 2 months old?!?! She is actually 10 weeks this week, which is even crazier!!! But I don’t want to get to behind in sharing her 2 months of life. She is seriously the sweetest thing in the world and we fall more and more in love with her each day!! Her little personality is starting to come out and she is out of the slumpy newborn stage, which kind of makes want to cry, because that means she is growing faster then I can process. But I am loving every second of it. Willow is such a content baby. She loves people, eating, people taking to her and sleeping. She is a champ! I went back to taking photos in November, so when she was 6 weeks old, I shot my 1st wedding and then shot another one at 7 weeks. My momma watched her and she took her bottles and loved her grammy time! I also had 9 sessions and a day of mini shoots, she did great for them all. BIG thanks to everyone who stepped in and help watch her. So thankful for family!!! Trev finished up Harvest middle of November, so we are SUPER thankful to have him back home in the evenings and having a more relaxed schedule. Willow is loving her daddy and its the best thing ever watching them interact. We also MOVED during her 2 month!!! CRAZY I know, but we are SO thankful to be in our home now we have been working on for over a 1.5 years!!!! Still has some things to finish up, such as the doors and trim, but it is livable and we are LOVING being here. Willow is loving her new house as well 🙂 She started smiling and cooing and it is by far the sweetest thing in the world. Nothing better then when she notices us and smiles ear to ear. I could snuggle her and hold her all day long. 🙂 I  am still learning how to balance work and being a momma! Thanks for your patients as my blogging seems to have disappeared 🙁 Hoping to get better at it over time! For now, I try to keep up on my emails, editing and shooting and LOTS of snuggles in between. So thankful for our sweet babe and soaking up every day with her!!! 

|| 1 Month Highlights ||

-She started smiling HUGE and knowing who we are. I LOVE IT and it literally melts my heart. 

-Her first fall! she loved all our walks and laying in her basket in the leaves. 🙂

-Her first Halloween & trick or treat!! We were the panda family. She slept straight through trick or treat, but we loved dressing her up! She was the cutest panda!

-Seeing her interact with others and loving listening to them talk to her. 

-I went back to shooting this month and she stayed with grammy and LOVED it. 2 weddings, 9 shoots, 7 mini shoots. She takes that bottle like a champ now!!

-Went to church for the 1st time!! We got to see Mya be baptized! It was an extra special Sunday! She did great and slept the whole time! 

-Her baby cousin Ella, arrived on the 20th!! just before she turned 2 months old!! They are already besties and I love it so much. They are 8 weeks apart!

-First sleep over at grandma’s house! She did great! she can sleep anywhere!! 

-Dad finished harvest mid November and is home in the evenings with us!! 

-Her gas is AWFUL smelling and it sounds like adult farts. Its pretty hilarious. Sorry, Willow, we still love you! 

-At her 6 week appointment she was 9lbs 12oz and 21.5 inches!! She is growing!! She was 7.7 at birth! way to go willow!! 

-She is sleeping constantly around a 5-7 hour stretch at night. THANKS WILLOW!! 

-biggest highlight: WE MOVED!!!!!! Finally in our new home and lOVING it!!!! working on the nursery 🙂 

|| Willow’s Favorite Things ||

-She fell in love with her white paci. It is her new BFF. 

-She loves hearing me sing and talk to her.

-BATH time, by far the highlights of her evenings. 

-Still loving her swaddle and rock n play to sleep in. 

-Her play mat is her favorite place to lay. She smiles HUGE under there.

-She also loves her swing even more!!! She will fall asleep in there and sway away! 

-She loves her Mom & Dad thats for sure 🙂 

Willow we love you so much! Can hardly believe how fast you are growing. You are the sweetest and most content baby. Thanks for making me a momma!!! In just one month she grew so so much!!! crazy to see!! ENJOY my favorite photos of her!! 


2 Month photo

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