Willow | 7 Months


Jun 20, 2018

Will, Willie, Willow Girl

SOOO.. I am a few months behind on updating her monthly blogs.. But I still wanted to share these so I could remember all the things that have go on throughout her 1st year of life! 🙂 Here is Willow’s 7 month even though she is a week away from turning 9 MONTHS! These are priceless photos I didn’t want to forget. This also helps me organize her photos and keep up on editing them along with having a place besides little notes that have all her exciting things that went on this month.

I love this girl with my whole heart! <3 I never want to forget these days. She is growing faster then I can describe. Each day is something new. I truly love these days. Even the hard ones, its so worth it. She teaches more something every day. Love you Willow!!!!

-Highlights & Willow’s Favorite things-

-My sweet girl, you are officially in size 2 DIAPERS! You little peanut.

-Rockin 3-6 month clothing still. But Goodness, I love your tiny little self. (You are able to wear all your clothes momma’s bought you many time!!)

-You popped your two bottom TEETH!!!! It is seriously the CUTEST! But I didn’t know you were teething and all of a sudden you had 2 teeth within 3 days!!!!

-Baths at nights or showers with momma, you Love being in the water.

-You had your first Easter!! The easter bunny even brought you a little basket. You LOVED the paper in it and also the cute little bunny.

-We dyed easter eggs as a family for the first time. You loved watching 😉

-Sleeping like a big girl in your own room and your crib at night and at naps. You are waking me up about 1-2 times a night to nurse. But napping great during the day. I don’t mind the late night snuggles.

-The weather finally started getting nice!! You got a bright blue swing for the tree. You are still deciding how much you like it.  But its so fun!

-Seperation anxiety is a real thing… If you see momma and someone else is holding you, you instantly want me. I kinda love it, but hope you grow to love others too <3

-You attended your first wedding!! My cousin Josh and Whitney got married. You were a champ and even fell asleep during the reception.

-Your joyful personality is shining through. I love seeing who you are becoming. You are so happy and bring So much joy. You’ve got lots of personality and I love it.

-I found your tickle spot 🙂 Your cute toes and neck. I love hearing you laugh!

-You love trying new foods. Sweet potatoes, apples, pears, squash, etc. you love it all!!

Another fun month! Love you sweet girl. Stay little forever <3








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