12 Favorite Baby Items


Jul 11, 2018

My Favorite Things

Truly being a momma has been the best and most rewarding job in the world. Yes there are days I am tired but nothing beats waking up to this girl everyday and loving on her. I am no momma expert at all! Just doing what feels right for us. But I have received a lot of questions on some things we loved. I compiled a list of my 12 favorites baby things we got and we USED the most. Back when we registered and had our showers, I remember Trevor and I thinking are we really gonna use this all? But we did! ll 12 things below we loved and used about everyday! (I also link where to buy them as well!) Amazon Prime is my best friend 😉 Willow is 9 months old and some of the things we still use! There are other things we love and use as well but this is the main things! hope this is helpful:) Feel feel to reach out with any further questions!!! and if you ever want any more baby/momma blog post send any ideas to me!!! Again I don’t know much and not an expert but love sharing what has worked and things we have enjoyed!!! (Click on the names for the links to wear to buy it!)

Here goes the list of my 12 favorite things <3 and of course baby pictures. where did my little newborn go?!

  1. Rock n’ Play
    We LOVED this!! Willow slept in this from the time she came home from the hospital to almost 6 months old! She was basically going to sit up in it so we had to move her to the crib. HAHA! It was perfect for her and she was snuggled up and always close by. This really worked for us because we brought her home to our apartment our place was small and we didn’t have a nursery for her until she was almost 4 months old. It was easy to travel with and move around the house. She loved it.

2. 4Moms Swing
We had a small space when we first brought her home, I didn’t want the swing to take up a lot of space nor did we have the room. I loved how small this one was and it wasn’t terrible looking! She loved this swing. I heard mixed reviews on some liking and not liking it. It worked for us! She used it for 7/8 months until she could sit herself up in it. haha! ((we also got the 4moms pack n play, and its amazing!!!! got it on sale at target. Easiest pack n play I have ever set up and its big!!))

3. Bobby Lounge pillow

This $30 pillow was amazing!! I took this everywhere and would lay her in it. It was perfect for the bed, couch, floor, etc! We did not get a dock a tot, something I think she would have LOVED, but didn’t want to spend the money. So we were gifted this and we used it everyday. it was perfect to lay her on before the bath or after or on the couch or in bed in the morning. If you aren’t going to pay for the dock a tot, this a great little pillow to use for around the house!!!

3. Solly Baby

One of my favorite things is wearing Willow. She loves it too! I STILL use this wrap. I love having her close and snuggling her to death. This solly wrap was SO perfect right from the beginning. She wanted to be close and snuggle and she would sleep like a champ in her wrap. Great when she is a newborn and still works as she is 9 months old!


4. Swaddle me wraps

We started Willow in a velcro swaddle from her first night home. She loved being wrapped up tight! We transitioned her with one arm out at a time and then when she was in her crib and rolling we put her in a halo sleep sac. She still sleeps in a sleep sac to this day, it just doesn’t swaddle her at all. These were a saving grace. She slept so well in them at night and she knew it was sleepy time when she would wear it.


5. Ikea Highchair

We love this cheap modern looking highchair! Twenty bucks at Ikea for the win! SO light weight and easy to move around. Love having her sit next to me in the kitchen while I cook. Also this cute insert from YeahBabyGoods is a cute little cover for the cushion to give it some color. Looking for a cheap highchair cant go wrong with this one!


6. Wildbird Sling

I love this baby wearing sling as well! This one was harder for me when she was tiny, but once she got bigger it was easy and lightweight for wearing her. It doesn’t take long to put on and she sits right on my hip and snug as a bug. Basically you need the Solly and the Sling 😉 I have gotten great use out of both! We do have an ergo we got later down the road, and Trev uses that! I wear it too and its super nice as well!


7. UppaBaby Stroller & carseat

We have the Cruz & Mesa. Love this stroller/carseat system! We wanted something sleek and easy collapsible. Loved everything about this stroller. It sure didn’t disappoint. I love that I can turn her seat towards me and away from me also lay flat like a bassinet when she was a newborn. We love our stroller rides. The carseat clicks in SO easy as well. It also easy in and out of the car.


8. Angelcare bath seat

This little bath was perfect. We used it for a good 7/8 months I still put her in it but she just scoots herself out! HAHA! It is simple, cheap and lightweight! And you can get it form AMAZON!


9. Skip Hop Bouncer seat

If you havent noticed we love neutral light colors haha! But these jumpers can be a little crazy in color, we found this one on Amazon and it was the perfect mix of color and white. Don’t worry she has some crazy colors toys. She loves this little seat. It also transitions to a table she can stand at.


10. Gathre Mats

These gathre mats were gifts and i love them. They are bonded leather, easy to wipe off! we have little changing pad ones and a play mat one. Folds up and easy to take places! not a must have, but they sure at CUTE!


11. Moses Basket

Another fun favorite baby item. Her moses basket 🙂 My hubby spoiled me with this one!!! We sure didn’t need it, but I LOVED it. She didn’t sleep in it at night, she did take naps in it here and there. it was a great place to lay her down in. We take it out and about and let her play in it as well. She is now trying to stand in it or crawl out. haha  I loved taking photos of her in it <3 I hope someday she will play with her babies in it and then maybe down the road my babies will use it for her babies. Cue all the tears.


12. Ingenuity Seat

Lastly, this little seat! I love that it was white and gray, HAHA, but mostly love that the tray fits right in the bottom of it! Its a perfect seat for her to sit in on the counter or the floor. It’ll be a great booster seat one day too! Small and light to take places to sit her in if where you are going doesn’t have anything.

There you go! A few of my favorite things!! Feel free to reach out with any questions! This is all my personal opinion and none of it was a paid advertising 🙂 Hope you find it helpful!!




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