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Feb 6, 2014

Whoohoo! Another fun wedding planning post!

I am beginning to look forward to our wedding update post every week! At the beginning of the week, I am organizing images to share with you.

I love planning for this post. 

 Over the past few weeks, I have grown to love blogging about so many different things and share with you all some of the exciting things going on in my life and in my business. It has been awesome to see people start following my blog and how many people are viewing it. THANK YOU ALL! I love all the messages and comments, so keep them coming. 

1st off!! I just have to share with you ((Even though technically this isn’t that blog yet)) This past weekend we had our engagement pictures done by the amazing Ashley Walters! {Also known as Tiny Feet photography by Ashley Walters} She has posted two pictures of our fun day, so here is a little preview 🙂 I love them!!! I can’t wait to see them all and don’t you worry a full blog post will be dedicated to them for you all to see once we receive them!

Eeerk Can’t wait! 

Okay! Back to what I had planned to blog about to day. You kind of get two in one {with the above post} We have been working on our center pieces this week! We have bought many many lanterns and Trevor will be cutting many many stumps for us. We are super excited about what our center pieces will turn out like. Here is just a glimpse of a few things that you will see.

So much more will be added to these center pieces. {Mint green, mason jars, ribbon, flowers and more! I can’t wait to share with you a final product.} My mom and I ran around town looking for candles for the lantern. You know how expensive candles can be, especially when you need like 40!? ALOT! I could not believe it. Well we finally found the best ones and a good deal at Hobby Lobby. We love hobby lobby and our 40% off coupon always. Anywho! These are some of my ideas (Again, this is just a little preview – hint of what is to come – I just don’t won’t to spoil it all for you!)


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