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Feb 11, 2014

Canon & Kelly Moore

Overtime, I have received many emails asking what kind of equipment do you use. Do you prefer Canon or Nikon? What camera body do you love or want Lens is the best. I don’t mind answering these questions at all, but!

It’s about time I thought, to blog a post about what’s in my bag. 

Many people have asked for this post, so I am excited to finally get it together for you all. Now this is what I have now and currently using. I still would like to add a few things to it. ((Life of being a photographer, always something else you need!)

Camera Body. As, Many of you know I am a canon girl all the way! I have shot with Nikon in the studio I worked at, I did not mind it one bit. However, I first began with a canon and just stuck with that. I love how Canon has built their cameras and lens over time. They are amazing. With my experience with Canon you can’t go wrong with them at all! I started out with a Rebel XSi and it was great! Overtime, I upgraded to a 60D and loved that, but I knew I would eventually need a full frame camera so I bought the 5DMarkii a while later. Then this past fall I purchased the newest camera body the 5dMarkiii. Which is by far my favorite of them all! It has a silent shutter option — perfect for weddings! I love it. Anywho, the point is any Canon Dslr has been great. You may have to start small and work you way up, like I did.

Lens. I love going into Midwest Photo ((where I buy all my equipment)) and look at all the lens and start saving for one! I prefer to use all canon everything, but you will see later down I have a sigma lens and I will explain why. Again, there is a progression I used with lens, buying cheaper ones and working my way up. ((The photography industry is not cheap, so sometimes you have to take steps)) When people ask me what lens should I have? I always tell them you need a 50mm! I loooooooove my 50! It is a beautiful combo with a full frame camera. Canon makes a 50 1.8, 50 1.4, and a 50 1.2. The one I have in my bag is the Canon 50 1.2 It is my newest lens to my bag. It has been wonderful. It is great for couples and portraits. I like to be close to my subject when starting out to coach them and this one is great.  One of my very favorite lens is my Sigma 35 1.4. This lens is perfect for getting ready pictures, family portraits and those close up pictures you want. This lens create a beautiful images. I tend to lean toward this lens a lot. Now I did purchase the sigma version. I was originally going to buy the canon, but I used them both and liked the sigma more. It was rated higher then the canon and the people where I buy my equipment from said it was a better lens. I have had zero complaints about it. It’s perfect! These two are my primary lens. I use them the most. Every bag needs a Macro Lens. I have the 100mm 2.8 Macro Canon makes. It is perfect for what i use it for, ring shots, baby details, etc. It is a sharp lens and can also be used as a portrait lens as well. The last lens in my bag is the Canon 70-200 2.8 ll with image stabilizer. When I 1st bought the lens, I used it all the time, but I didn’t like be so far from my subject, so I eventually stopped using it as much. However, this lens is great!!!! the bokeh ((bluriess in the background)) is amazing!!!!!!! I love the depth of field. So I still do use this lens here and there. It is great for ceremony’s and what not, but I don’t use it as much as the others.  I am very happy with all my lens, however the one lens missing from my bag its he 85mm 1.2 Hopefully this lens will be added to my bag before summer 🙂 I have been saving for this one. I love it and I have seen the images it captures. It is a beauty. So that will be my next lens added to my bag!

Flash. I am a Natural Light Photographer. Meaning I don’t have those studio lights. I do however, have a few flashes. I have two 600EX-RT Flashes. These are used for wedding receptions. I love them because they link to another which is AMAZING. I am still learning about them and all they can do, but they help make my receptions more fun to shoot!

Camera Bag. Everyone needs a good looking camera bag. I use Kelly Moore bags. They are both stylish and built for your camera! It is amazing. I have the “Chapel” bag and the “2 Sues” bag. Love them both and get great use out of each. I have pictured the Chapel bag.

Camera Strap. My camera strap was a gift from my amazing Fiancé. I had been eyeing this strap for sometime and he surprised me with it one day! It is a Bloom Theory Strap. I love the gold sequence. He couldn’t have done a better job!

Well, Now you have a little look into my bag. I hope that this helps you some what out! Feel free to leave feedback.


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