Happy Birthday Trevor

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Apr 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life!

My Super Sweet, Amazing, Godly, Loving, patient, hardworking, Handsome, soon to be HUSBAND was born today 27 years ago!!!!!

A year ago to day we reconnected because it was his birthday! ((Thanks to Facebook)) A simple birthday messaged –> lead to texting conversations –> lead to finally hanging out and now we are planning our Wedding and getting married in about 2 weeks!!! My Momma always said, “When you know you know!” Well we knew quickly and fell in love fast. Now we get to spend forever together!!

Fun Facts about Trevor: He played professional golf for the last 4+ years and is amazing at it, he can build anything from wood (like half the furniture in our apartment), he redid the entire golf course clubhouse this winter, he LOVES mountain dew and could probably drink 6-10 cans a day ((if I let him)), he wears a hat 95% of the time, he has crazy curly blonde hair –I love it– and he can grow a beard like a champ, and would do anything for anyone! He also is the most HANDSOME man in the World!

Happy Birthday Trev! I am so thankful the Lord brought you to this world 27 years ago! Now I get to be blessed by you for the rest of my life! I can’t wait for you to be my husband in 16 days!
I love you!


He is ALL mine.

The most awkward photo we may have, but I secretly Love it. HAHA!

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