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Apr 14, 2014

12 Days!!!!

We are less then 2 weeks away folks from the BIG DAY!!!

Trevor & I can hardly wait!!! We are finishing up all the wedding things and I am packing all my stuff up. It’s about to get crazy!!!!!

I am SUPER excited about our choice of drinks for the wedding! I love the retro glass bottle look and my Fiancé LOVES LOVES LOVES Mountain Dew! So what makes a better combo then retro mountain dew?! I was so excited when I found these drinks. We wanted a variety of drinks for our guest so we decided on having Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, and IBC Root Beer. They will add a little something fun to the evening! I know they are just drinks, but lets be honest, they look awesome! There is always something fun about drinking out of a glass bottle. Or maybe that is just me. I love going to Homage and getting the glass Coke for free. It makes you feel special. Well I hope all my guest feel special drinking with their fun straw with there glass pop’s! 😉

Enjoy some fun pics!


–Of course I had to throw in a ring shot– 😉

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