Nick + Bailey | 5 Year Anniversary


Nov 25, 2014


Bailey & Nick were such a sweet and photogenic couple!

Over this summer, a friend of Bailey’s, Nancy contacted me about getting a gift for Bailey and Nick for her birthday. Bailey & Nick had never had real professional pictures taken and this was something that Bailey had be wanting for a while. For their wedding they had just a friend of a friend photograph it. So this would be something special. I was so excited when she had contacted me. What an amazing birthday present!?! Well Bailey contacted me soon after and we decided to wait til later in the fall to do them. Little did we know we would have schedule our session the same day as the crazy November winter storm! Who would have thought we would have the perfect beautiful day! I am so thankful for this session. We had so so much fun playing in the snow. We were freezing for sure, but they were such troopers and it totally paid off. I absolutely love soo many images from this session. I hope you all enjoy just a few of my favorites 😉 Bailey you are so beautiful girl! Thank you again Nancy for booking this session for your sweet friends.


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