Mack Graham | In Hospital


Mar 18, 2015


Meet my sweet new nephew Mack!!!!

8lbs. — 20.5 inches — 10:58am

He is now just a week old and so sweet as can be! I was so thankful to make it just in time for Shannon to deliver! She went into the hospital at 5:30am and by 10:58 Mack was welcomed into this world and into a crazy awesome family. He was loved from the moment we found out about him and even more loved once we saw his cute little face and chubby cheeks. Everything about him is so sweet. His manly hands and big feet and cute little pointy ears. I am so excited to share with you some of my favorites from the Beckley’s very exciting day! Jeff has waited a LONG time for his little boy and he has him now.

Congrats to the Beckely’s!!! love you guys!


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