Kicking Off Wedding Season


Mar 30, 2015

Wedding season is officially underway!!!

Trevor and I kicked of this past weekend filming Tyler and Jenna’s wedding at one of the most beautiful new venues outside of columbus, Irongate Equestrian Center. Along side of Jenny Haas who photographed it! (we loved working with them!!) It was such a beautiful wedding! This was one of the 1st big weddings at this venue. I look forward to filming and hopefully photographing here again!! 🙂 Here are some fun iPhone pictures! Thanks to my sister Morgan for taking most of the behind the scenes shots! This next weekend we photograph a wedding and the following weekend film a wedding! It is so fun working with my hubby!

Hope you all follow along our instagram pages and our Facebook pages for more updates and behind the scenes over the next few month! 🙂

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Happy Monday!


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