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May 14, 2015

One on One Mentoring with Lindsey!

Last Friday, Lindsey traveled from Jackson Center for her Mentoring session. I love mentoring sessions, so I was super excited to meet her, but this one was extra special! When she arrived, she was just so excited! She told me it was actually her birthday and this was what she wanted for her birthday, a mentoring session with me! She said this was her birthday gift. 1st I felt SO bad that I didn’t have a cake or something! But I was really honored to know that all she wanted for her birthday was to learn. We spent the next 4 hours covering just about everything from shooting in manual, to editing, to posing and lighting! It was a GREAT day. Lindsey has such a sweet and genuine spirit. She beams from ear to ear and when you are around her she lifts you up with her smile. I loved taking some headshots for her. We finished our time together by celebrating her birthday with some delicious milkshakes from the Mike’s (our local dairy bar). The day couldn’t have gone better! I am so excited to watch Lindsey grow as she develops her business and begins to shoot more!

If you are interested in a mentoring session or want more info on one, email me today!


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