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Jun 5, 2015

 Every week, I look forward to Friday’s posts. I’m not sure if it’s the fun creative pictures or if it is seeing the progress of our garden growing or even just something different then the rest of the blogs. Whatever it is, I just Love Friday’s! 

Last week we shared our kitchen with you all! I hope you enjoyed that. I wanted to give our little garden some time to grow and it surely has! I can’t believe we just planted this garden less then a month ago and it is already growing. I love it! It is so fun walking out to the garden and seeing whats new. This week we have our 1st PEPPER! Now it is still growing, so we haven’t picked it. But I was SUPER excited to see something growing. That means I must be doing something right! 

As I was thinking about this post today, growing a garden and the excitement that it has brought me hit me in a different way. I realized how much  all of the work watering it, weeding it, checking in on it daily, just to help it grow and to see something grow from it, filled me with so much Joy! It reminded me how growing a garden is a lot like growing personally in every area of our lives, it take a lot of work and time. As I began to think about this, I came across this little saying “Grow where you are Planted.” I spend every week working on my garden to help it grow but am I spending every day working on growing in _____  -fill in the blank- (my relationship with the Lord, my marriage, my family, my friends, my business)? Growing takes work. If you want to see a difference in your life, you have to put work in. You can’t hope for a garden to grow if you never water it. Same goes to us, we can’t hope our business takes off and grows, if we aren’t investing time in it. We can’t hope that our marriage gets better if you don’t start putting effort into it. We can’t see our relationship with the Lord grow if we aren’t spending time with Him daily. That comes in every part of our life, we have to work daily at something for it to grow. It doesn’t jus happen it. You have to pick an area of your life you want to see a difference in and stop make excuses for why they aren’t growing and start putting the work in to see it grow. 

 The Lord has been convicting me in areas of my life that I wasn’t putting the work into but that I was hoping to see a difference in. He used my garden to show me how to see growth. It takes work. I had no intentions of this post being deep or challenging, but when I started working on it all these thoughts started coming to my mind and I knew I needed to share. It is a good reminder that we all have places that we can grow in our own life. Take advantage of where you are now and start putting forth that extra effort to make a difference. 

Enjoy some pictures of our growing garden! The zucchini have really started to take off along with the green beans. It’s crazy how fast some of these things grow! Our lettuce is looking great too! -sidenote- I know nothing about growing lettuce…when do I know its ready to cut?! Any input would be great! Haha! Well that is all I have for our Friday post. Thanks for reading! 

Have a great weekend! 


I am working on planting some pots. on the right is my sunflower regrowing from last year!
(I think, it could be a weed too! haha)



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