Faith | Mentoring


Aug 14, 2015


Faith is sweet beyond words! Last week, she traveled up for her one on one mentoring. She is a young business owner with a huge heart! I loved hearing all about her business and how she wants to grow. On Saturday of last week she turned 20 and launched her website! It was so fun to see her go for it! I am so excited for her and all that is to come. We had such a fun time together, talking about running a business, shooting, editing and client experience. I cant wait to see how she grows over the next year! We had so much fun shooting around the town at the end. Her smile lights up a room! Mentoring is seriously one of my favorite things to do in this business. I LOVE helping others to take that step and grow their businesses in so many ways! I have 1 spot open for this years mentoring! It is never to early to start looking into 2016 either!! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together! 



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