Weekend Wrap Up


Aug 17, 2015


Woah! Hello Monday!! 

I thankfully been healthy for most of the year! But this weekend it hit me like a truck. Saturday I was shooting a wedding and by the middle of it I was a hot mess! So Thankful my bride and groom were amazing and so understanding! Michael & Brian you two are awesome! My mom saved the day with a nausea pill and tylenol for my sore throat and I began to feel better. I was able to shoot the whole day and it was absolutely beautiful, I cant even wait to share it Wednesday! I did finally go to the dr. this morning, I don’t have tonsils so I haven’t had strep since I had tonsils in elementary school, so I never thought thats what I could have, but sure enough the test was positive for strep throat. YUCK YUCK! So I have been laying low, sleeping, and trying to work little bits here and there. My sweet sister with 4 kiddos, also has this nasty strep throat, so be praying of her as well!!!

So Sorry this blog is just going up! I tried earlier, but my head was pounding and a little sleep did so much good! I am on an antibiotic and on a path to getting better! Even though I was sick over the weekend, Saturday’s wedding was just gorgeous! Classic black and white wedding at an absolutely beautiful venue, the Pinnacle Golf club. You won’t wanna miss this wedding Wednesday!  Sunday was a full day of sleeping and resting to get better, and that is today as well. 

This week is the kick off for the Rising Tide Society Instagram challenge and that has been a blast seeing all these amazing #mymondaymugshot and connection with so many creatives! If you are a creative and want to be apart of an amazing movement of community over competition check out www.RisingTideSociety.com for more info! This has been a HUGE blessing and such an encouragement over the last few months. Nothing better then meeting other creatives and building relationships! 🙂

That’s all for this Lovely Monday! Last week was a busy week with 6 sessions + a wedding, So Here is a sneak peek of each. 

Happy Monday! 


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