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Sep 21, 2015


Mentoring is a huge passion of mine! Over the last year we have mentored over 20 woman and it has seriously been absolutely AMAZING! I love meeting new creative every month and building friendships and digging deep into their businesses. Meet Natalie! She was the 1st September mentoring session. She has a growing business and just went full time this year! She is doing absolutely amazing. We spent the day perfecting her workflow, growing her business, and building her confidence. She is an absolute joy and we had such a fun day! I met Natalie this year, though Tuesday’s together and it has been so fun building a friendship. This girl is a young entrepreneur  with a huge heart. She has been growing her business over the last few years and I cant wait to continue to watch it grow. Be sure to check out her page and follow along! Natalie Baker Photography.  

If you are interested in more information on a one on one mentoring session, feel free to email me! We are booked full for in person one one one mentoring this year, but already starting to book next year! For those out of state we do online mentoring as well! In addition, we opened up our 1st ever workshop this fall!!! We have 1 seat left!! Grab it now! The early bird special expires on the 24th! for more information go here :

Hope you all have a blessed Monday!


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