Balance | It’s okay to say “No”


Sep 18, 2015


So I had promised to start teaching blogs on Thursday’s and yesterday it did not happen! I had left early for columbus for 2 sessions and got home later afternoon and decided it was okay if I didn’t blog and that going to the fair to hang with my hubby and his family was a good idea. So I did! But I still wanted to share something that I had been learning this week with you all! So here it goes. Sorry if I ramble, this topic of balance is a struggle for me but we are all in this together and I think writing this will help me and hopefully one of you! 🙂 

It is so crazy to think we are already half way through September!!! How crazy is that?! Well, this month has been a whirlwind of a month. Literally we have been non stop! We have learned many things over the last year and are still learning now, especially being in our busiest season. One thing that has been a constant struggle is “balance” This is something I STILL am working on and every day it is a challenge. Trevor is much better at this than me. He can say no easier, sit down and take a break from work, and not let things stress him out. Thank you Jesus for giving me a hubby like him because I definitely need this balance! This week, I have had moments of stress and feeling overwhelmed because my plate is so full. The Lord has been revealing to me how much I need Him and His strength to get it all done. I am beyond blessed with this business and absolutely love it, but there is still a learning curve of balance and how much is too much. Every client I meet and session I book I am so thankful for. However, it is okay to set boundaries, say no to things, and take a break every once in a while. This week I have been shooting almost every day and catching up with editing in the evenings. However, my husband has been working with me to say no, stop working all night long and to just hang out with him! This is SO hard for me! If I have list of “to do’s” the more check marks I can make the better it is. But it is okay if not everything gets checked off that day! I can literally work, work, and work some more and sleep a little. However, this is making me miss out on every day things. I become consumed with my work and forget that its 10 o’clock at night and I haven’t even had a real conversation with my husband that didn’t involve work. Oops. That’s not okay and I need to change it. We are working on setting boundaries and we know every day won’t look the same but stopping and taking a break or shutting our computers before midnight to spend time together is so worth it. This week our little town has it’s county fair, and I LOVE fairs and all the good fried food. I decided that it was okay to stop working and go to the fair, we have gone a couple times this week and we are going again tonight with friends! It has been a nice break to go and not have to think  about work. I realized this week, how much I need this. I need that break even though I don’t feel like I do when I’m working. I think this week I have taken Remi on more walks then I ever have. Because  I am learning that every time I step away from my desk to do something  other than work it refreshes me. (Now Remi lays by the door because she wants to go walks all day long, haha!)

So that’s it. This is where I am at right now. I don’t have all the answers and I am still working on this every day. I love running this business and wouldn’t change it for anything, but learning to take breaks and step away is making me a better business owner, a better friend and a better wife. 

I hope that this is encouraging to some of you! We are all in this together. Enjoy this weekend! Start marking days on your calendar for dates, days off and time with friends. I have started this and hoping to stick with it so I don’t miss out on those little things. 

My prayer this week has been, “Lord, I need you, everyday I need you!”

Happy Friday Friends! Thanks for stopping by!



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