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Oct 1, 2015


Hi Friends!!!

OCTOBER! It is here! How crazy is that? Pumpkin this, pumpkin that, pumpkin everything! I am so excited for the month ahead. I am seriously loving this fall weather and the leaves changing. We have 3 weddings we are photographing and Trevor is videoing 2 weddings. We are so excited for each of these couples, we kick off the weekend with a double header. So many pretty weddings coming your way next week 🙂 

This time of year it is always hard to stay ahead and keep your head above the water with all the weddings and portrait shoots. Is anyone else with me?! I am going to share with you two things today that have helped my workflow SO much and keeping me form getting behind. Photo Mechanic & Blogstomp. If you haven’t heard of these two things they are pretty life changing!! 

1. 1st Lets talk about Photo Mechanic. I edit primarily in Lightroom and for so long I would cull my sessions through lightroom. It would literally take FOREVER! I would sit and sit and sit waiting for the picture to come clear and finally be able to pick. I was introduced to Photo Mechanic after mentoring with Katelyn and it was a HUGE game changer. I got home bought it immediately and it has forever changed my life. I can cull 4000+ images from a wedding in just a couple of hours. The images are in full res in seconds and you can color coordinate them into categories. It is worth the $150. If you are dreading culling each session (I use too) Give this a shot and you will start to enjoying it once again! Photo Mechanic for the win, it will NOT disappoint you at all!! 🙂 Click here if you want to try it out:

2. The other tool that has really helped is Blogstomp! This is the best $50 I have spent in my business. Blogstomp is a tool that resizes images and creates colleges for my blog and Facebook. It is lighting fast and seriously takes minutes to get all those images prepped for a blog! The best size I have found for Facebook images is 2048px and the best size for blog should be no bigger then 1400px. You can create these little tabs and click on them when you are resizing your pictures. They go into a fancy folder and never touches the original images. This has been a huge time saver as well! I can create really awesome colleges in seconds that look like it took hours. You can also add in your logo right through here as well. It is super user friendly and you can download a trial!! This is also a must doing your busy season if you want to still blog and share sneak peeks 🙂 Now you won’t be spending hours in Photoshop trying to resize and add logos.

I hope these two tools really help you during your busy season!!! They have been a huge help to me! If you have any additional questions email me! Have a happy Thursday!


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