Pumpkin Patch


Oct 21, 2015


Fall Galore! 

No wedding to blog today we just filmed this weekend. So I wanted to share a personal fun blog today!

Last week, my sister and her hubby came up for a night and we had so much fun! This was exactly what I needed! A day off to enjoy all this fall goodness. We found the local pumpkin patch and corn maze and literally had a blast! We probably spent over an hour there just goofing off and laughing until we cried. Literally SO much fun! We came back and carved our pumpkins, made caramel apples and made homemade pizzas. Here are some of the pictures we took while were at the pumpkin patch and corn maze. 

If you are thinking corn mazes and pumpkin patches are for kids think again. I am already planning our next trip back!! 🙂

Hope you all are having a fabulous Wednesday! We are halfway to the weekend!!! Oh and enjoy the last few pictures of Miss Remi. She will be visiting the groomers tomorrow 🙁 🙁 Not sure what they will say about her fur, but I am afraid the time has come for a real haircut…. and I might cry if we loose all her fur, but for now I have these pictures to look back on. haha I cant believe I am that dog mom but I am!!! CRAZY! If your lucky i might share a picture of her all groomed.. if she isn’t to embarrassing. haha 



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