Christina | Mentoring


Oct 26, 2015


Last week I had the honor to Mentor Christina again! Yes again! It was so fun catching up and talking about how Christina’s business has grown over the year. It is so amazing and encourage to see! This time around we got deeper into running a business and constancy and building a brand for yourself. When we 1st met, she was learning her camera and just starting the idea of running a business. She has grown so much in just a year! I love investing into these woman and helping them grow their business. We took some new headshots for her website and page. Isn’t she just gorgeous! 

Thank you so much Christina for coming up again! It was so great hearing all about your business and digging deeper into it. Enjoy some of my favorite headshots!


2015-10-26_0002 2015-10-26_0003 2015-10-26_0004 2015-10-26_0005 2015-10-26_0006 2015-10-26_0007 2015-10-26_0008 2015-10-26_0009 2015-10-26_0010 2015-10-26_0011 2015-10-26_0012 2015-10-26_0013 2015-10-26_0014 2015-10-26_0015 2015-10-26_0016 2015-10-26_0017 2015-10-26_0018 2015-10-26_0019 2015-10-26_0020 2015-10-26_0021 2015-10-26_0022 2015-10-26_0023 2015-10-26_0024 2015-10-26_0025

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