Belinda Mentoring


Dec 21, 2015


This last week, Belinda traveled up from Columbus for her mentoring session. Through a few reschedules we finally nailed the perfect date and I was so grateful to have spent the day with this lady. She just beamed ear to ear. We chatted through so many different areas of business, shooting, editing, growing deeper as a photographer. I am see excited to see where the next year takes Belinda! When we went out to do her headshots the wind was crazy and I think it was the coldest day we have had yet but we both endured it and you would never know it was literally FREEZING. Thank you Belinda for being a trooper. 

Thanks again for coming out!! I am so excited to continue to watch your business grow. If anyone is interested in mentoring in 2016 its never to early!! The winter and beginning of spring is already booking up. Email me today!!

Here are some of my favorite head shots from our times together! 


2015-12-21_0002 2015-12-21_0003 2015-12-21_0005 2015-12-21_0006 2015-12-21_0007 2015-12-21_0008 2015-12-21_0009 2015-12-21_0010 2015-12-21_0011 2015-12-21_0013 2015-12-21_0014 2015-12-21_0015 2015-12-21_0016 2015-12-21_0017 2015-12-21_0018 2015-12-21_0019 2015-12-21_0020 2015-12-21_0021 2015-12-21_0022 2015-12-21_0023 2015-12-21_0024 2015-12-21_0025 2015-12-21_0026 2015-12-21_0027 2015-12-21_0028 2015-12-21_0030 2015-12-21_0031

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