Top 15 Moments of 2015


Dec 31, 2015

What a year it has been! I couldn’t more be grateful for all the things that happened this year. The ups and the downs. I am truly thankful for another year the Lord has given us. I was reading some blogs and saw another sweet couple sharing their top 15 moments of 2015, and I LOVED it. I was like that’s a great way to look back of the year. Thank you Amy & Jordon for the sweet idea. While making this list and looking back over the year, I couldn’t believe all that happen. my list was getting longer and longer, but I wanted to keep it to 15 since it is 2015. I started making a note in evernote, so these aren’t in any specific order. We are heading out to our last Video wedding of the year, so I was wanting to get this up before we went. A huge thank you to each and everyone one of you, who reads my blog, followers our work and our instagram. We love you guys and wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for you!! SO THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts. 
So here is to another amazing year!!! Thank you Lord for continually blessing us and opening up opportunities. We are looking forward to another year and what is to come. This list again is in no order, but here we go!!! 

2015 You were a blast!

1. Our roadtrip out west to Utah! This past winter, Trevor and I and some of his buddies traveled out west. We choose to drive (20’s hours!!) and it was a blast. We did get stuck in Wyoming for 4 or 5 hours because they closed the highway down. HAHA It was may 1st time ever skiing, ever! So why not try the 1st time on the mountains of Utah?! It was so worth it and a total blast. I loved every second of that trip. 
2015-12-31_0001 2015-12-31_0002
2. Becoming part of the Rising Tide Society and leading the Columbus group. Building relationships with so many amazing creatives around the area! Natalie & Krista changed the industry incredibly this year. Starting this Community over competition and meet ups has been one of the biggest blessings of the year. Love meeting so many creatives right here in Ohio!!! 
2015-12-31_0012 2015-12-31_0019
3. 1st anniversary + pictures with the amazingly sweet Katelyn James // connect conference 
We had just celebrated our 1 year anniversary that weekend. We travel to Georgia for a marriage conference. Met some amazing couples and we had our pictures taken by Katelyn!! Oh it was a week to remember. I still love every image from that session. 
2015-12-31_0010 2015-12-31_0011
4. Mack my sweet nephew was born. My sister had her 4th baby and it was finally a boy!!!! LOVED being an auntie again this year!!!!! 
5. Pursuit conference meeting some incredible people. What an amazing week it was!!!! Loved being challenged spiritually and meeting some incredible people that have become life long friends from this event. A definite highlight!! 🙂
6. Being featured on wedding chicks + green wedding shoes. These were two big things for my business! I haven’t been featured much and being featured on both of these was amazing. Beyond thankful for amazing clients and a beautiful styled shoot by some amazing vendors!!
7. Hosting our 1st ever workshop! Biggest accomplishment of 2015!!! Seriously, 12 incredible attendees spent the day with me. It was truly amazing. Beyond thankful for this and my hubby for helping me put it on!!! Cant wait to hold more 🙂 
8. Spontaneous trip to NYC + 1st time camping this summer. These were just 2 crazy fun things we did this year! I am not a camper but I loved it. 1st time for everything right?! And we road tripped with my sister and her hubby for a last minute trip to NYC! THE BEST. Seriously a BLAST!
2015-12-31_0008 2015-12-31_0020
9. Seeing one of our pictures from Katelyn in Southern wedding magazine. This was one of those moments I think i cried a little. Seriously LOVE this magazine and it was an honor seeing one of my favorite pictures of Trevor and I in it. THANK YOU SW and Katelyn!!
10. Being published for the 1st time in a magazine (The Knot Florida edition) from our destination engagement session in Miami, Florida. I just saw this YESTERDAY! My sis is in florida on vacation and sent me a picture. I had no idea it was a full page!!! Seriously cant believe it. This is my 1st time ever seeing my own work in a magazine. crazy!!  
11. Rebranding!! Krista Jones is amazing!  Couldn’t love this new site and brand anymore!!! This was another huge accomplishment this year!!! 
12. Flying to Iowa with my mom to visit my grandpa. This was such a sweet few days. My grandpa is one of the most amazing people in the world. I always looked up to him and my grandma. He has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and spending these days with him looking through old pictures was something I will never forget. I also got to see my best friend for a few hours while there. Such a good week! 
13. Being surprised with a new puppy Remi and becoming the biggest puppy momma. Biggest surprise of the year!!!!! I hated dogs, I was that person who like made from of Dog moms.. and I am ONE now and I love it! So sorry everyone I said dogs were nuts. Remi is my favorite!!!!!! 
14. Growing my 1st garden. Loved seeing all these come from out garden this year. Seriously blew my mind. I haven’t ever gardened, it is a lot more work then I thought but still happy with the results. Cant wait to do it again next year 🙂 
15. Photographing 27 wedding & my hubby videoing 15 weddings! Doing over 150 portraits and mentoring 11 photographers
This was  HUGE year for us! I can hardly believe it. I am so thankful again for everyone single one of you!!!! 

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