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Jan 4, 2016


Welcome to another year!

Saying it is 2016 is hard to believe, I remember back when I thought 2009 would never come, that was the year I finished high school and the last state quarter was to come out (Hawaii, yes I collected them and have every state on a board) Then once that came I was like okay, now 4 years of college, 2013 will never be here. In the midst of those years I wondered if I would get married, what karime photography will grow to look like, if I will be a respiratory therapist, where I was gonna live and what the next few years would look like and BOOM it’s 2016!! How did all that time fly by so fast. We made it, I am married to my best friend, live in a small town, we are running two successful business, and we have the sweetest pup, Remi! Growing up and still to this day, worry has all been a challenge of mine. I could seriously worry about everything, like making tea and not having sugar for it, not knowing what to order at the drive thru or what to make for dinner (that’s still #reallife) 

As I have grown in my walk with the Lord and matured over the years, I have learned to deal with my worry. Trust me I still have those moments for sure, and its a daily reminder to set my heart on the Lord and not my worry or stress. When I started thinking of 2016, I was like woah another year is here. What do I want this year to look like and what should my goals be. I began to worry a little, 2015 was an incredible year, my husband joined me full time, we launched 740 films, we got a pup, we love our small town, I rebranded, launched a workshop, published in some cool blogs and so much more. It was an awesome year, but I do have to admit we were and are exhausted. When thinking of 2016, I thought wow, I don’t have very many goals… 2015 I did it all, how am I going to write a blog post and have all these amazing goals. (Now I know that isn’t true, but the goals I set we accomplished) I began praying and really thinking of 2016. I realized its okay if 2016 looks different, its okay to have a couple goals vs a whole list. If you chatted with me at all over the fall or end of the year, you knew we were up to our eyeballs exhausted. We allowed this year to be work, work, work, and more work. Literally 24/7 I could work. I began saying no to friends, family and my husband and yes to more work. I always had something to do or Trev had to do this video by this date. We were never really enjoying those little moments and making time for ourselves and our relationship. We still took some awesome trips and everything, but we were worn down. Literally exhausted. I want to still work hard for 2016 and keep growing our business, but I want to learn to say no to things to just fill in my schedule book and wait for the “Best Yes” to fill my schedule with. Those big yes’s might not be all business either, but my husband, family, friends, personal time. When you begin to say yes to everything you miss those moments that could be the Best Yes. 

This year I may not have this profound list of goals I want to accomplish but I have 1 simple statement I want to live by this year..

Wait on the Lord, rely on His strength, grow in our marriage and seek the Best Yes opportunities.

We are finally entering out slower season and I have been making time for the little things, like reading and snuggling on the couch with my hubby and pup. I have had this book for prolly 6 months and haven’t read it. “The best Yes” by Lysa Terkeust. I am only a few chapters in but the Lord knew I needed to crack this open as we start the new year. It is exactly what I needed. I am already feeling so challenged and renewed at the same time. If you need a kick in your butt and say yes all the time go buy this book. It’s worth it!

2016 is going to be a year of learning and growing and I am excited. Here is to another great year! 


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