Weekend Wrap Up


Jan 11, 2016


This is what weekends off feel like? 

As Trevor & I sat in the little coffee shop on Saturday Morning, we chatted back and forth about how nice it was to go into town sip some coffee, eat a bagel and still be in our pjs. We have realized over the last few months how none stop we have been and we haven’t enjoyed the little moments. Last Monday, I wrote a long post about starting off the new year on the right foot with the right mind. This past week was just exactly what we needed. we ended up pretty much being home for the week. “Stay vacation” We didn’t work much, We both did some editing and I mentored one day, but we spent a lot of time together enjoying the little things. We played a handful for scrabble games, watched lots of netflix and started a history series on John Adams, which we soon learned I don’t remember much from History class at ALL. It has been such a nice break. We really have needed this and I am so thankful we are starting the year off on the right foot. 

In addition to the 1st start of the year, between the two families we have 6 birthdays. So we have been celebrating birthdays all week. Saturday we spent the evening with Trevor’s family celebrating our two brother in laws. Where Roman, my nephew and I had matching outfits on. How adorable is he?! Then we finally got a REAL snow fall Sunday, first one of this winter. Remi has been loving it. She just dives into the snow face first and comes up with snow all over. She would rather be in the freezing cold then inside. We also purchased monopoly last night, so we have switched over to a new game. I took the first victory. We will see how long I can keep the trophy. We also received our little artifact uprising book this past week and I am LOVING it. I keep looking through them. 

We are off to do some work today and prolly play in the snow. (Remi that is) Have a wonderful Monday Friends!



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