Dahlia Mentoring


Jan 15, 2016


The 1st mentor of 2016!! Meet Dahlia! 

Dahlia emailed me back in the fall for a mentoring session, she had stared her business the beginning of last year and was looking to start growing it and really diving in. I couldn’t wait to meet Dahlia. She is from New Jersey, but currently living and working in the Cleveland area. Her photography business came out of a hobby of just enjoying taking photos to others noticing her work and wanting their pictures taken as well. She has been finishing an internship and learning photography on the side in hopes to some day grow it more. I loved spending the day with Dahlia and getting to know her. She has such sweet heart and a passion for people. She has already grown in her business in just a year, and I am so excited to continue to watch her grow. During our time together, we talked about what a business looks likes, how to manage that and a fun time job, workflow, shooting, pricing and branding. It was such a great day! 

Thank you Dahlia for making the trip down to spending the day with me. I loved getting to know you and taking pictures of you. Here are some of my favorites! 

I am already booking for Mentoring sessions this year. If you are thinking of mentoring session, send me an email. Mentoring sessions are 4-5 hour sessions catered to you. We break down the business, talk about growth, social media strategies and get into to workflow and shooting. I am here to help grow your business and encourage you along the way. Email me with any questions 🙂


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