The Life of Remi Bowman


Jan 20, 2016


How in the world has it already been 1 year since we have had our sweet puppy Remi! 

One year ago, I was in Illinois for a girls weekend visiting my best friend and my cousin. It was a blast of a weekend. My hubby was home and we had been talking about maybe getting a labradoodle puppy. BUT we weren’t sure because having a dog means we have to find people to watch her and such while we shoot weddings. We went back and forth for a while whether it was a good idea or not. However, while I was a away this one weekend in January, Trevor went to visit the new puppies. Little did I know he actually brought one home for us. When I cam back from from the weekend away, I walked into a super clean house and as I entered our bedroom, right on the little doggy bed (that he made for the pup) was this tiny 5lb Labradoodle and I was SHOCKED. I didn’t know to be excited or to be scared to death. Pretty much both. But after just a few short days, I was in LOVE with our little pup. Now I can’t imagine not having her with us. I never thought I would be a a dog mom, but I totally am (to labardoodles) 

3 fun facts about Remi
1. She doesn’t shed at ALL. like not a hair its amazing.
2. She gives the best High Fives.
3. She can sleep in until 10-11am everyday. Seriously. She sleeps longer and stays in bed longer then me everyday. 

These were from the day I came home and found out he got me a puppy!!! 

These were from the day I came home and found out he got me a puppy!!! 


Look how tiny she was!!!

2015-01-26_0003 2015-01-26_0004

Now look how big she is! HAHA! 2016-01-20_0003 2016-01-20_0004


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