1st Wedding of the Year!


Jan 25, 2016


This weekend was full of friends and capturing a sweet couples wedding day! 

Look back to Friday: we had a game night with some friends around town. We packed our living room full and ate lots of pizza and had a lot of laughs. Any of you like board games or just games in general? Well I love them. Anything from monopoly, scrabbles to phase ten and everything in between. I love games. Well We played some taboo and then started a game of Catan. Both fun games. Catan is one of my favorite games. Lots of strategy and lots of competition takes place during his game. Sadly I lost. But It was a blast of night. I had been wanting to have a game night for some time and it was just perfect. Even in our tiny space. I am already looking forward to the next one. 

Look back to Saturday: we kicked off our 1st wedding of 2016! It was a beautiful wedding from start to finish. A perfect way to begin the new. We loved capturing Emily & Michael on this day. Emily you were gorgeous and that dress was insanely beautiful!! They were married at the beautiful Columbus Art Museum. A perfect location for a winter wedding. So much natural light and its just beautiful and classic. I cant even wait to share their blog on Wednesday, but here are a few little sneak peeks 🙂 Congrats to these two!!! Be sure to check back Wednesday for their full blog. 

Look back to Sunday: We were pretty exhausted after our wedding and feeling sore for sure. I had stared working out about 2 weeks ago and my arms were feeling it holding a camera all day. So sad how out of shape I am. Haha! We enjoyed the day together and spent some time with his family and headed to Bible study in the evening. It was a nice day to relax. We finished the weekend off watching Everest. It was a great movie but also sad. I love watching movies that are true stories. They always tug at my heart. 

What another great weekend it was. Now we are ready for the week ahead! Hope you all have a Great Monday!!

p.s. Valentines day is around the corner, I am thinking of doing a few couple mini shoots. If you are interetsed let me know and I will post a little info 🙂 



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