Bryce Mentoring


Jan 26, 2016


Meet Bryce! 

I have known Bryce for a couple of years. I photographed her sister’s wedding the fall of 2014 and she was a bridesmaid. This past summer Bryce contacted me to tell me the good news that she, herself, was engaged!!!  I was so excited for her and ecstatic she wanted us to capture her wedding day. During their engagement photos she was telling me how she wanted to start getting more into photos. She booked a mentoring session with me and last week we had the chance to dig into her business and learn more about workflow and her camera. It was a blast of a day. I loved having her up here. She just started her business this past fall and is already learning so much. I am so excited to see her business to continue to grow.

Bryce has such a sweet spirit and a beautiful smile. I loved taking photos of her. She is super photogenic and she made it so fun. Thank you Bryce for spending the day with me. Here are some of my favorite headshots of her! 


2016-01-26_0002 2016-01-26_0004 2016-01-26_0005 2016-01-26_0006 2016-01-26_0007 2016-01-26_0008 2016-01-26_0009 2016-01-26_0010 2016-01-26_0011 2016-01-26_0012 2016-01-26_0013 2016-01-26_0014 2016-01-26_0015 2016-01-26_0016 2016-01-26_0017 2016-01-26_0018 2016-01-26_0019 2016-01-26_0020 2016-01-26_0021 2016-01-26_0022 2016-01-26_0023 2016-01-26_0024 2016-01-26_0025 2016-01-26_0026 2016-01-26_0027 2016-01-26_0028 2016-01-26_0029 2016-01-26_0030 2016-01-26_0031 2016-01-26_0032 2016-01-26_0033 2016-01-26_0034 2016-01-26_0035 2016-01-26_0036


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