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Feb 2, 2016


Baby #2 is on the way!

Oh, I am so excited for my Sister in law Chelsea, and her hubby Ben as they are expecting their 2nd baby this month!! We can hardly wait. They decided to not find out what they were having this year and we are dying to know!!!! We all have feelings of one or the other, but who really knows. Last week we snuck out in the cold weather to grab some pictures of that cute baby bump. Roman, their son who is 2.5 is excited to meet the baby as well. We always ask what is in Mommy’s belly and he says a baby girl. So we will see if he is right! He never changes his answer to it being a girl. It is the cutest thing. He also wants to name the baby orange. haha I love kids. 

I am so excited to add another member the family! Chelsea you look so great with that bump. We are all so anxious to meet him or her. Here are some of my favorites from this shoot 🙂

Congrats to Chelsea, Ben & Roman!!! Cant wait to be an auntie again!


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