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Feb 9, 2016


Exploring Nashville with Friends!

Last week we spent a few days in Nashville and it was a total blast. We met up with our friends Tony & Hannah who were also traveling down there. We got a cute airbnb in East Nashville. In the few days we were there we ate so much and drank lots of coffee and played some serious Catan. We loved it! We are so thankful for this slower season we are in right now and getting to travel some. Here are some fun things if you are thinking of traveling to Nashville that you must do or see 🙂

1. Go to Pinewood Social. This was where we ate the 1st night. They have bowling alleys in their restaurant. It is so so cute. There is great coffee as well. So check it out! Especially if you are with friends.

2. Five daughters donuts are by far the best donuts I have ever had. Eat them everyday you won’t regret it.

3. A few fun coffee shops we went to are: Barista Parlor, Crema, & Steadfast. We enjoyed each of these.

4. If you are looking for a delicious burger head over to The Pharmacy 🙂 Seriously SO good, the only downside, no ranch 🙁

5.A few fun spots to walk around: 5 points, 12 South, Midtown and Germantown.

6. One more thing for a bonus, if you LOVE hotdogs like me, they have this tiny little food truck “I dream of Weenie” Best hot dog joint in town. YUMMY. 

So if you are planning your next little trip to Nashville, be sure to be hungry! So many good places to eat. Here are some photos from our trip. Thank you Tony & Hannah for inviting us. We had a total blast. I am so thankful we snapped some photos of you two. You guys are adorable <3 



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