Weekend Wrap Up


Feb 16, 2016


Better late then never

The weekend rolled over one more day into Monday, so thats why the weekend wrap up is coming one day late to you! But I wanted to share the fun weekend we had. It was a weekend completely home and we were totally free. It was so so nice! We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday home with one another snuggling on the couch and watching movies. I started knitting again and Trevor finished his sisters film. If you missed it you can watch it below. It is SO good!!!!! We had a wonderful weekend relaxing for sure. We have been on the Advocare 10 day cleanse so we have been eating “clean” and working out. So we did do that this weekend. Sunday, we to church and then spent Valentine’s evening home cooking together. I did cheat a little on the cleanse and make my absolute favorite Chocolate covered strawberries. They were to die for. I had to sneak a couple. Now I need to go give the rest away. Does anyone else have a love for chocolate covered strawberries?! I could eat one every day I think. AMAZING. My hubby surprised me with the delivery of flowers on Sunday. They are super pretty, now I just need to figure out how to keep them alive. 

Well here is to another great weekend. I hope each of you enjoyed spending time with your loved ones. It is a great reminder to realize how blessed you are and how incredible Christ’s love is for each of us. Here is a couple images Katelyn took of Trevor and I last spring, I still love everything about them. 

Have a great Tuesday Friends! 


p.s. grab the tissues and enjoy this amazing wedding film! www.740films.com




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