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Feb 17, 2016


Equipping Photographers 

Believe it or not, but these headshots were taken on a brisk winter day. But Kelly was amazing and didn’t even bat an eye at the cold weather. About a little over a week ago, I mentored this sweet photographer from the Columbus area. I had met Kelly back at Renew Night, but we had been emailing for a while before. Once I met her in person, I was even more excited to spend the day with her diving into her business. Kelly started picking up a camera a few years back and has been pursuing it as hobby that started growing. We talked about what it looks like to balance photography and personal life. We also talked about consistency and maintaining what she has. Kelly also works full time and loves her day job, but she also has a great talent for photography. She is pursuing both and doing such an amazing job. I am so excited to see her grow over the next year. I am thankful to have spent the day diving into her business. Thank you Kelly for coming up for the day! 

Here are some of my favorite shots of her. She killed it in the chilly weather!! I am so ready for spring 🙂 

p.s. I am still booking Mentoring sessions for this year, the spring is full but its never to early for summer. I am also going to be sharing more about our Spring/Early Summer Workshop coming in MAY! 🙂 Mark your calendars. Registration will open up soon but full details coming later this week. CANT WAIT!

P.S. we are half way through the week!!!


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