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Mar 22, 2016


A Week with our Friends in our Home

Just about a month ago during one of Ashley & I’s FaceTime calls, ashley brought the idea up of them coming out to visit us! Of course I jumped on board fast and we started looking for dates this would work out. They ideally were going to fly but with our schedules and timing, this one week in particular would work, but that meant a lot of driving for Ash & Tyler. But they didn’t even think twice about it. Last weekend they shot a wedding, spoke at a conference and then drove 8 hours to come stay with us for a few days. It was seriously the best few days. We had SO much fun with these two. The more we hang out with them the more we realize how much alike we all are. It is so great to have friends in the same industry even if we are miles and miles away. 

When they arrived late Tuesday night, we of course stayed up way to late chit chatting. Remi instantly became besties with both Ash & Tyler. It was too funny.  We spent Wednesday in our small town in Upper Sandusky. We worked in the morning at the local Coffee shop, Beca House and ate lunch at the bar n grill in town, Shotyz’s. Then we went to where Trevor grew up in Harpster and showed them the country. The winds were insane over 20 mph and the boys though it would be a great idea to fly their drones. Of course that didn’t end great when Tyler’s drone went crashing into the ground. However it did survive and is okay, but that ended the drone flying for the day. We ended the day by cooking out, making milkshakes and playing an intense game of Catan. I finally WON!!! It was a fun day in the small town. 

Thursday we look them to Columbus for the day. We did so much in one day by the time we got home we were literally exhausted. We started off with showing them the short north, lunch at the North Market, drove around German village and spent the afternoon at Fox in the snow to relax some. We then headed over to Easton to do some shopping and ate at one of our favorites spots, the North Start Cafe. YUMMY! We tried to take some photos, but again the winds were crazy. We got home and played some MORE Catan. Seriously, if you haven’t played this game you should! It does get intense and can ruin friendships so be careful 😉 Sorry Ashley!!! hahaha

On their last full day here, Friday. Ashley and I spent the day together while Trevor had to film a wedding and Tyler went to assistant him. We all ended up back in Columbus. It was fun to have some girl time and wonder around Target for over an hour. Then Saturday, they headed back home to go film another conference. 

It is just amazing to see this industry we both are in bring real life friends together. Just a year ago Ash & I became instagram friends and this past fall we officially met in person at the Pursuit Conference. We became instant friends and I am SO thankful for it. Ashley & Tyler we had SOOOO much fun with you guys! Seriously, it was the best last few days. Thank you SO much for making the long trip over to see us. We love you guys and are so blessed by your friendship. We can’t wait to come out to see you guys again!!! DC Here we come 😉





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