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Mar 25, 2016


Meet Beckett!

I can hardly believe my nephew is already over a month old. It is crazy how fast time goes and how fast these little ones grow up. We took these newborn photos just 7 days after he was born and he has already changed so much. I love little babies and getting to snuggle them when they are still so fresh. He was so good for pictures, it took a little while to get him good and sleepy, but he never cried and let me pretty much do whatever I wanted with him. He was so so sweet. His big brother Roman was good too! I think it is safe to say he loves being a big brother. We are so thankful to have Beckett a part of the family.

I realized I never got around to sharing these photos with you all. So here are my favorites from our shoot last month. He was so so sweet. Thank you Chelsea and Ben for letting me snap these of your boys!! <3


2016-03-25_0001 2016-03-25_0002 2016-03-25_0003 2016-03-25_0004 2016-03-25_0005 2016-03-25_0006 2016-03-25_0007 2016-03-25_0008 2016-03-25_0009 2016-03-25_0010 2016-03-25_0011 2016-03-25_0012 2016-03-25_0013 2016-03-25_0014 2016-03-25_0015 2016-03-25_0016 2016-03-25_0017 2016-03-25_0018 2016-03-25_0019 2016-03-25_0020 2016-03-25_0021 2016-03-25_0022 2016-03-25_0023 2016-03-25_0024 2016-03-25_0025 2016-03-25_0026

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