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Sep 15, 2016


Home Sweet home! 

After 24 hours of travel yesterday and all the crazy time changes, we are home!!:) YAY! We landed in the US after an 11 hour flight at 7:00pm in DC, then drove 6 hours to Columbus and got to my parents at 3am! CRAZY! But so thankful to have a slow next 2 days to get back on american time and pace, before a sweet wedding this weekend!

So I definitely took the last 10 days off of emails, blogs, and such! and it felt so good! I needed this break from the norm. I didn’t intentionally do that, but with out my phone not working oversees and internet being only in our places at night, and just exhaustion, I didn’t worry about the blog or emails. So SORRY for missing the last 10 days or so and for the slow email respond! I promise to get my inbox cleaned up and I cant wait to share all the photos and fun adventures from this incredible trip! I took thousands of photos. Everywhere we went was just INCREDIBLE and SOOO beautiful. It was so crazy going from cold Iceland to warm and sunny Italy. We did a 180 in our trip and it was such an adventure and so fun. We were all laughing about when we posted photos, because in Iceland everything is moody and green, then in Italy its all structures, colorful and bright! But it was so worth it. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime and I cannot wait to share more and then hopefully someday return to these places 🙂 

For now, we are off to say Hi to family, snuggle remi, and do LOTS of laundry!!! 

P.S. Right before I left, like the day we left, I opened up registration for our workshop. There is still seats available. I totally fell off the wagon when we left the country and never posted much about it. I will be resharing this next week! But be sure to check out that blog and read more on it! www.karimephotography.com/workshop 

Have a great THURSDAY!!! 


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