Weekend Wrap Up


Nov 7, 2016


Fall Fun

This weekend was a blast!!! I always love when family comes to visit us. We had been planning a weekend with Morgan & Michael to come up here for sometime and we were so excited the time finally came!! I love being best friends with your sisters. It truly is the best. So we had blast with Michael & Morgan. They got in Friday night, we ordered pizza and sat at the kitchen table for hours, laughing, talking and eating. It was a perfect start to the weekend. 

My dear friend out here, Tayler was getting engaged on Saturday, so we had planned a coffee & donut date with my sister, myself and Tayler in the morning, for Tyler to come and surprise her at. It was perfect. He then took her to go hang out with and Morgan & I went to the proposal spot to set up and take photos. It was THE SWEETEST!! I love shooting proposals and seeing one of my best friend getting engaged was the best. SO happy Tyler & Tayler!! More photos coming this week 🙂 

We then spent the rest of Saturday afternoon tearing town the plaster in our house, I promise a house blog this week!!! We have been tearing all  the old electric and plaster and fixing the floor and foundation. Its been crazy, but I know sometime it will all come together and be better then I could imagine 🙂 Huge thanks to Morgan & Michael for all of your amazing help on the house Saturday. We came back an hour before sunset and called cleaned up because I promised Morgan some updated photos. We headed out to the woods and found the most gorgeous light. It was PERFECT. Sneak peeks below, I cant wait to share more. What a gorgeous time of year!!! 🙂 

Sunday we vegged and hung out. Michael went to the browns game and morgs and I explored target and got starbucks. It was nice to get to hang with my sister for the day. I am so thankful for this weekend and being close with Morgan & Michael. We love you guys and so thankful you could be here!!!

enjoy the sneak peeks below. Off to get some work done!!! Happy Monday!!!


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