Fall Mini Shoots | 2016


Nov 8, 2016


Fall Mini Shoots 

What a perfect 3 days we had for these mini shoots!!! When we originally scheduled them it rained, so we reschedule a week later and my goodness I am so thankful we did!! The trees were PERFECT. Fall came late this year, so it has been fun to get to spend a little extra time in the leaves. I am so thankful for all 9 of these sweet families who came out for their shoot over the last 2 weeks. All 9 of these families are past clients and I LOVE getting to catch up with them and see their kiddos grow even though our time together is short, each of them are a blessing to me. I am so thankful for this business and the people I have gotten to know through it. Enjoy some of my favorites from each of the shoots. It is crazy how many photos you can get in just 25 minutes!

Happy Tuesday friends!!! Here is something to cheer you up on Election day!!! Love all my families!! SO thankful for you!!!! Already excited for my Christmas minis!!!


fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0002 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0003 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0004 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0005 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0006 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0007 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0008 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0009 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0010 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0011 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0012 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0013 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0014 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0015 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0016 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0017 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0018 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0019 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0020 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0021 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0022 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0023 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0024 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0025 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0026 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0027 fall-family-mini-photos-karime-photography_0028

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