Christmas Photos 2016


Dec 23, 2016


The Bowman’s Fall 2016

The last weekend of November, we had Nicole & Matt up for an evening and we went out and took photos of each other! It was a total blast. Nicole is an amazing film photographer and I love these photos of Trev and I so much! These were perfect for our christmas card. I already ordered my little artifact book and love looking through them 🙂 Enjoy my many favorites and a big thanks to Nicole!!! We love them!!!



film-fall-photos_0002 film-fall-photos_0003 film-fall-photos_0004 film-fall-photos_0005 film-fall-photos_0006 film-fall-photos_0007 film-fall-photos_0008 film-fall-photos_0009 film-fall-photos_0010 film-fall-photos_0011 film-fall-photos_0012 film-fall-photos_0013 film-fall-photos_0014 film-fall-photos_0015 film-fall-photos_0016 film-fall-photos_0017 film-fall-photos_0018 film-fall-photos_0019 film-fall-photos_0020 film-fall-photos_0021 film-fall-photos_0022 film-fall-photos_0023 film-fall-photos_0024 film-fall-photos_0025 film-fall-photos_0026 film-fall-photos_0027 film-fall-photos_0028 film-fall-photos_0029 film-fall-photos_0030 film-fall-photos_0031 film-fall-photos_00322323

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