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Dec 29, 2016


Behind the Scenes

Oh what a fun year it has been!! We have been apart of so many sweet couples wedding day. I cant wait to share my favorites from each on the blog tomorrow 😉  But for today, I am sharing the behind the scenes photos. We had a blast this year. I am so thankful to get to photograph each couples wedding day. There are some hilarious photos below. A few things I realized, I wear the same dresses… ALL year long.. I know I think, “no one will know I wear the same dresses….” But then I forget I post a end of the year blog. hahaha I need to make sure I do my hair better in the back… YIKES. Also, everytime the camera is pointed at me, I make the craziest face. Need to work on that too. HAH overall, this year was amazing. Huge thanks to Morgan, Steve, Josh, Chris for helping Trevor and I out with 2nd shooting. What a year! 

Enjoy the fun photos below!



Great working with Jonah Epps!

behind-the-scenes-2016_0003 behind-the-scenes-2016_0004

wow, my hair was long! This photo makes me miss it 🙁 

behind-the-scenes-2016_0005 behind-the-scenes-2016_0006 behind-the-scenes-2016_0007 behind-the-scenes-2016_0008 behind-the-scenes-2016_0009

where’s kari? ha

behind-the-scenes-2016_0010 behind-the-scenes-2016_0011

sometimes I teach other how to take photos.


and also put on the brides shoes. 

behind-the-scenes-2016_0013 behind-the-scenes-2016_0014 behind-the-scenes-2016_0015

fix the dress. 

behind-the-scenes-2016_0016 behind-the-scenes-2016_0017 behind-the-scenes-2016_0018 behind-the-scenes-2016_0019 behind-the-scenes-2016_0020

behind-the-scenes-2016_0021 behind-the-scenes-2016_0022

and make crazy faces 🙂 behind-the-scenes-2016_0023 behind-the-scenes-2016_0024 behind-the-scenes-2016_0025

like for real?

behind-the-scenes-2016_0026 behind-the-scenes-2016_0027 behind-the-scenes-2016_0028 behind-the-scenes-2016_0029

love having my sis shoot with me!!

behind-the-scenes-2016_0030 behind-the-scenes-2016_0031 behind-the-scenes-2016_0032 behind-the-scenes-2016_0033 behind-the-scenes-2016_0034 behind-the-scenes-2016_0035 behind-the-scenes-2016_0036 behind-the-scenes-2016_0037

always busting a move on the dance floor

behind-the-scenes-2016_0038 behind-the-scenes-2016_0039 behind-the-scenes-2016_0040 behind-the-scenes-2016_0041

Big thanks to Steve for filming with us!

behind-the-scenes-2016_0042 behind-the-scenes-2016_0043 behind-the-scenes-2016_0044 behind-the-scenes-2016_0045 behind-the-scenes-2016_0046 behind-the-scenes-2016_0047 behind-the-scenes-2016_0048 behind-the-scenes-2016_0049

hotel rooms get small FAST!

behind-the-scenes-2016_0050 behind-the-scenes-2016_0051 behind-the-scenes-2016_0052 behind-the-scenes-2016_0053 behind-the-scenes-2016_0054 behind-the-scenes-2016_0055 behind-the-scenes-2016_0056

behind-the-scenes-2016_0057 behind-the-scenes-2016_0058 behind-the-scenes-2016_0059 behind-the-scenes-2016_0061 behind-the-scenes-2016_0062 behind-the-scenes-2016_0063

that one time Trev didn’t wear his shoes because they squeaked so loud during the ceremony. BAHAHA

behind-the-scenes-2016_0064 behind-the-scenes-2016_0065 behind-the-scenes-2016_0066 behind-the-scenes-2016_0067 behind-the-scenes-2016_0068 behind-the-scenes-2016_0069

Annie I love this photos of us!! <3

behind-the-scenes-2016_0070 behind-the-scenes-2016_0071 behind-the-scenes-2016_0072

We are typically in each others shots 😉


I even become the assistant to the videographer if you are lucky 

behind-the-scenes-2016_0074 behind-the-scenes-2016_0075 behind-the-scenes-2016_0076 behind-the-scenes-2016_0077 behind-the-scenes-2016_0078

Cheryl Temples all day. 


trying to sneak in on the first look


no wonder the baby started crying. hahahaha

behind-the-scenes-2016_0081 behind-the-scenes-2016_0082 behind-the-scenes-2016_0083 behind-the-scenes-2016_0084 behind-the-scenes-2016_0085 behind-the-scenes-2016_0086 behind-the-scenes-2016_0087 behind-the-scenes-2016_0088

Trev asking Jesus why its so hot out HAHA. I really have know idea whats happening. 

behind-the-scenes-2016_0089 behind-the-scenes-2016_0090 behind-the-scenes-2016_0091 behind-the-scenes-2016_0092 behind-the-scenes-2016_0093 behind-the-scenes-2016_0094

I wanted to be all the colors of the bridesmaids in one dress. haha

behind-the-scenes-2016_0095 behind-the-scenes-2016_0096

sneak a plate of food. 

behind-the-scenes-2016_0097 behind-the-scenes-2016_0098 behind-the-scenes-2016_0099

trying to sneak in on the first look again haha


laying the law down


Come catch me! 

behind-the-scenes-2016_0102 behind-the-scenes-2016_0103 behind-the-scenes-2016_0104

He stole my stool, but I didn’t mind 

behind-the-scenes-2016_0105 behind-the-scenes-2016_0106

when you spot your sister attending the wedding you are photographing. haha


He is the hottest 2nd shooter and my favorite <3 

behind-the-scenes-2016_0108 behind-the-scenes-2016_0109 behind-the-scenes-2016_0110 behind-the-scenes-2016_0111 behind-the-scenes-2016_0112 behind-the-scenes-2016_0113

Love this, he thinks I am funny

behind-the-scenes-2016_0114 behind-the-scenes-2016_0115 behind-the-scenes-2016_0116 behind-the-scenes-2016_0117

Pretending to be a guest and not smile at my hubby 😉


THE END. thank you for such a fun year! 

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