Weekend Wrap Up


Mar 13, 2017

We had a busy weekend and the time change has thrown me off, even though its just an HOUR!! I am so tired haha.

Friday night, we headed to Polaris for a marriage retreat with my sister and brother in law’s church, Memorial Baptist church. It was a great evening with Dinner out and a session on how to keep your marriage from fading and of course ending with game night. We only stayed for Friday (it continued into Saturday, but we had already things on our schedule) Trevor and I always try to do something each year for our marriage, and this was such a fun evening to be a part of. Thanks Jeff for putting this on!! We hope next year we can stay for both days. 

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating my dear friend, Tayler, who is getting married in just two weeks!!! Eeek, I can hardly believe it is already here. Saturday morning, was her bridal shower that her sisters put on and it was so so nice and fun! We then headed out for her Bachelorette party with her bridal party and close friends. Justeen, had the whole evening planned and it was a blast. We started at the Candle Lab and made our own scented candles, I had never been there and it was a lot of fun creating our own scent. I already started burning it and it smells amazing! We then headed to dinner at yummy Marcellas and ended the evening back at Justeen’s for some gift and dessert and as sleep over. Sunday, we headed to Rock City for church and ended our time together at brunch at The Table. Guys that place was so good!!! I got their yummy french toast and it was DELICIOUS. You guys should try it out 😉 

I am thankful for friends and a fun weekend. I cannot wait for Tayler & Tyler’s wedding day in just 2 weeks. We will be photographing it along with me being a bridesmaid, it’ll be a fun day!! 

P.S. Is anyone else struggling with the spring forward?! I have been so tired. HAHA Story of my life 😉  Happy Monday friends!


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