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May 10, 2017

Husband + Wife Mentoring

Back in March, I had my very first Husband and Wife mentoring session in our home! It was such a great day. I loved getting to know Matt + Trista and diving into their business together. We talked about their strengths and what they each brought to the team. We looked at the future and where they wanted to be.  They both work full time jobs as well and are working hard to get their business off the ground. I loved spending the day hearing about their business and working on certain areas as they continue to grow. I am so excited for them over the next year as they start to take off.

Thank you Matt & Trista for coming up for the day!! I loved taking their headshots and squeezing some cute photos of the two of them in as well 😉 

Mentoring is a huge passion of mine. I have loved having my husband shoot with me so getting to mentor another husband and wife that work together was great. If you are ever interested in a mentoring session, be sure to send me an email! We have a couple spots open for the summer before the baby comes 😉 Then a little break and we will start back up again in the Winter!


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