Another Year, Another Birthday!


Jul 20, 2017

Bumpin at 27! 

It is so crazy to think, I am turn 27 today and I am carrying a lil babe!! This is gonna be the best birthday yet! I have been feeling little kicks and movements all morning and it just makes me smile. I cant wait to meet her and celebrate birthday’s with her here. This is the last birthday with just Trev and I, and we are off to dinner tonight in one of our favorite little towns, Delaware. I am so excited for what the next year looks like and how our lives will change each day with a little one here. We cannot wait for this new adventure!!!

It’s crazy to think what all can happen in a years time. Last year, we had recently bought our first fixer upper, were in the busiest season with wedding photography and wedding films, and we were thinking of starting a family sometime in 2017. 🙂 fast forward to today, we have built a new home inside an old 1900 home and its getting freshly drywalled and painted soon!!! Trevor is farming full time with his dad and loving it. Which means our wedding load is less this year but we are thankful for transition because I am also 30 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! I am so thankful for each year and the new things it brings.  We are soaking in the times of just Trev and I, but we both say daily how we cant wait to add a baby into our lives. 

So here’s to another year and a another birthday 🙂 Sunday, I am headed to family vacation in Hilton head for a relaxing week. You wont hear from me much on here, but you can definitely see updates on instagram 😉 I cant wait to spend the week with my family!! 

Off to eat some donuts and get a coffee 😉 


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