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Apr 19, 2018

Willow Grace | 6 Months | 14.5lbs | 25.5inches


Another month flies by again!! My goodness, being a momma to this sweet girl is truly the best. I figured since she is going to be 7 months NEXT week, its about time to get her 6 month blog up! OOPS. Mom life = bad blogger… But its so worth it. Anyway! This girl feels like she has grown so much lately. This was yet another fun month. I love watching her personality come out more and more. This girl is a hoot and full of personality. Her facial expressions kill me along with her sweet sweet smiles. She is a very happy baby, but don’t be fooled, she still does have her little melt down moments. I want to bottle all these moments up and never forget this season of life. It is so sweet. Even on the harder days, being her momma is the biggest blessing in the world! 

This was a big month! You are growing and changing everyday! Here is the highlights and fun memories I never want to forget.

-Highlights & Willow’s Favorite things-

-You smile with your house face and I absolutely love it. You LOVE when people talk to you. Getting you from your crib you always light up with a smile. 

-BIG NEWS, you are FINALLY in your crib for all your naps and bedtime!! Took your momma wait to long to make that change, but so glad I did. You finally started sleeping better <3 We made that change right before you turned 6 months.

-With that being said, you are a belly sleeper. It is the sweetest thing. I love watching you sleep. Thanks for waking momma just 1 times a night to nurse sometimes 2 times (or to a big ol’ poop) especially thankful for that 😉 

-You did however, sleep through the night twice, soooo you are welcome to do that some more, but I love you anyway! 

-We started giving you baby cereal and baby food! You LOVE it. You want all the food. We started with cereal and then some avocados and then sweet potatoes & apples. You sure love your sweet potatoes & apples like your momma!!

-Your mommas helper in the kitchen siting in your highchair while I cook. You are my favorite little helper! 

-We had our first house guest stay with us, We loved having Erica & Tyler and their boys for a long weekend!!!! You finally got to meet your momma’s best friend. We loved our time together. 

-You started giving some big open mouth kisses and we love it. 

-You are loud for sure.. Not sure we are surprised. 🙂 You take after momma in the talking department. Not sure your dad is ready for two big talkers!!! haha

-We had to put your swing away (you started sitting up in it….. Why are you growing up so fast!!)

-You are working on sitting up, still very wobbly but you are gonna get is so soon! 

-Ashley took some photos of just you and me early in the month during our play date. I sure love these photos <3 you will find them at the end! We also had 6 months photos done!!! TOO many to share, so that will be its own blog post <3 THANK YOU ASHLEY!!! 

-grandma and grandpa spent the night and we got to spend the whole day with them here! 

-You are still wearing some 0-3 clothes but are also wearing your 3-6 months clothes now. I have a problem and love to buy you all the clothes, so thanks for staying small to wear them a lot!! (especially since you go through a few outfits a day between food, spit and blow outs 🙂 

-Still don’t know your eye color for sure, some days I think Brown, so days they look a little greenish. 

-You love playing with all your toys and your bouncer. You do such a great job playing by yourself. But I always love spending time with you! 

-Being your momma is still the best thing in the world! It gets sweet each month.

Willow girl thanks for being my favorite side kick and best friend <3 I pray that never changes!! And I pray daily you grow to Love Jesus and our life reflects that to you. Happy 6 months!


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