German Village Spring Family Photos

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May 2, 2018

6 Month Family Photos 

Finally getting around to share our family photos!!! These are our first professional family photos since she was born (minus our christmas card) They may my heart SO happy!!!!  These were taken right when Willow turned 6 month by the sweet Ashley West in German Village and I couldn’t LOVE these more. It was a pretty chilly evening but we made it work and you’d never know!! I am so so grateful for these photos and our sweet family of mine. This little babe brings so much joy into our lives. Becoming parents has been the biggest blessing! I see why my sister has 5 babes!! They are truly the best. 

Now being a parents it makes me even more grateful to capture such sweet moments in my clients lives. These days are flying by and I never want to miss them. Enjoy some of my favorites from our own shoot. Thank you so much Ashley for taking these photos. I absolutely LOVE them. I think I scroll through them every week finding new favorites.


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