Tyler + Tayler | Proposal


Nov 9, 2016


Proposal under a Tree

This past weekend was so so fun! Not only did my sister and hubby come up for the weekend, my dear dear friend got engaged and I was there to capture such a sweet moment. Oh I lOVE proposals!!! When Tyler had emailed me about this I couldnt wait!!!!! Tayler lives in the apartment above me so we see each other a lot, I just kept praying “DONT SLIP!!.” We had made plans to grab coffee Saturday morning and donuts. We do this often so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. While we were there, Tyler came and surprised her for the day! She was in shock. It was too cute, he had planned a date in Columbus, but before that happened he took her to her favorites tree, where morgan and I were hiding to take photos and proposed to her there with her favorite flowers. It was the sweetest!! Tayler was so in shock and over joyed it was the cutest. I love having proposal photos from Trev’s and my engagement so I know how special these can be. I am so thankful to have been there.

Huge CONGRATS to Tayler & Tyler!!! 🙂 Enjoy my favorites! 


proposal-in-a-field_0002 proposal-in-a-field_0003 proposal-in-a-field_0004 proposal-in-a-field_0005 proposal-in-a-field_0006 proposal-in-a-field_0007 proposal-in-a-field_0008 proposal-in-a-field_0009 proposal-in-a-field_0010 proposal-in-a-field_0011 proposal-in-a-field_0012 proposal-in-a-field_0013 proposal-in-a-field_0014 proposal-in-a-field_0015 proposal-in-a-field_0016 proposal-in-a-field_0017 proposal-in-a-field_0018 proposal-in-a-field_0019

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